Surly Bikes!

We’re a stocking Intergalactic¬†Surly dealer. That’s right, steel is real! We usually have 8+ Surly bikes in stock for immediate sale, in addition to eight Flat Bar Cross Checks (in 8 sizes, 42cm to 60cm), four Karate Monkey Ops and two ECR in our Rental Fleet and we can order others up lickety split (2 – 5 business day ETA). Most of the shop rides Surly and if you ask real nice we’ll let you demo our personal bikes. 4130 Cromoly, NATCH! Did you know that every Surly bike has tubing engineered by Surly for each specific model, and that each frame size of a specific model has frame size¬†specific tubing? What does this mean? No generic off the shelf tubing is used and each bike is dialed to ride awesome with all the benefits of chromoly steel. UVD!

Current stock (01/20/18):

Steamroller SS/FG (Frame/Fork)49cmBlackFrame & Fork Only$435
Crosscheck Flatbar56cmUrban Degray1x9$899
Crosscheck Dropbar54cmMule Mug Copper2x10$1,099
Karate Monkey 29MediumStand Back PurpleSingle Speed$1,199
Long Haul Trucker60cmKhakipants3x10$1,275
Krampus OpsSmall/15"Matte Black1x10$1,849
Karate Monkey 27.5+SmallRhymes With Orange1x11$1,399
Disc Trucker (26" wheel)50cmMaroon3x10$1,449
Disc Trucker56cmBrilliant Blue3x10$1,449
WednesdayMedium/18"Calimocho Red2x10$1,499
Straggler 650b50cmBlueberry Muffintop2x19$1549
Ogre (new geo)Medium/18"Rover Brown3x10$1,699

Surly Pugsley

Surly Pugsley

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