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Find your way in and around the City of Tempe, download the PDF here: Tempe Bike Map. For many more maps has links to most city maps.
The Bicycle Cellar’s bike shop of choice is Slippery Pig. Visit for more. is a statewide bicycle events calendar. Find a local ride or event near you!
Bicycle Inspection & Maintenance Intervals - A one page document we've written up that details how to inspect your bicycle over the course of a year.
Register your bike for free with the City of Tempe! Ensure that if your bicycle is recovered by Tempe police, you'll be able to get it back!
As an advocate for all green transportation, The Bicycle Cellar supports Tempe in Motion. Learn more about the program, schedule’s and other related information at
Tempe Bicycle Action Group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to make bicycling a prominent, safe and convenient form of transportation and recreation in Tempe, Arizona and surrounding areas through education, grassroots events, and civic participation. Learn more at
Reuse, renew, recycle. bike saviours is Tempe’s place for all things bicycle recycle. Visit to learn more.
Know your rights on the roads, the AZ Bike laws blog can help! Check it here!
Bicycle insurance for students at really cheap rates! NSSI is an insurance provider that serves college students specifically, insuring their property, including bicycles.