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These are a few common questions we’ve been asked, if you have other questions not answered here please call/email or connect with us on social media!

Can I park more than one bicycle at The Bicycle Cellar?
If you own multiple bikes you can store any of those bikes at The Bicycle Cellar, however only one at a time. If you’re really in a jam, come talk to us, we’ll do our best to work with you. Some people keep a “beater” bike at The Bicycle Cellar. This way they can ride their nice bike to The Bicycle Cellar, store it there and after showering they’ll ride their beater bike to their destination (usually campus). This is the only case when momentarily storing two bicycles at The Bicycle Cellar is acceptable.

Can I get 24 hour access?
Unfortunately not, our facility is in a transportation building and due to security concerns only employees are granted 24 hour access.

Can I postpone my membership for X period of time.
Generally, yes. However you must postpone it at least one month and a bicycle cannot be stored in our facility during that month. Your access card must be turned in for that period as well.

Can I share my membership with a family member/spouse?
Sharing of memberships is not permitted. A family member or spouse is welcome to complimentary valet parking during staff hours for a period of not more than 24 hours if they’re with you. After hours, ONLY MEMBERS (and minor child(ren) if necessary) are permitted in the facility, please ask your friend(s), family member(s) or spouse to wait outside for you.