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The benefits of being a member at The Bicycle Cellar are many! Included but not limited to the following:

20 hour keycard access. Members can access the facility any time between 4am and midnight.
4 shower/changing rooms that are cleaned every day.
Secure parking monitored by two independent video camera systems.
Free drinking water refills.
A discount of 10% on everything except bikes, snacks and drinks.
Use of repair area work stands to perform work on your bicycle if you wish.
Use of advanced tools with an appointment and supervision.
House credit to purchase services or accessories, balances charged monthly.
Free guidance and advice from our expert staff.

The benefits of riding a bicycle to work, school for exercise, fun or transportation are many as well.

Increase energy levels as much as 20% and reduce fatigue as much as 65% (University of Georgia)
Reduce stress, depression and anxiety (Journal of Preventative Medicine)
Reduce heart disease risk by up to 50% riding 20 miles per week (British Medical Association)