Commute Costs

Not only is bike commuting good for your body, it’s good for your bank account, too. Use our handy calculator to see just how much you can save by replacing car trips with bike trips!  Driving a car to work costs plenty. Apart from the environmental detriment, you part with cold hard cash every time you turn the ignition. How much? Check out the handy calculator below to see how much you’re shelling out to ride the bumper-to-bumper express. By contrast, you’ll learn how biking to work only two days a week can make your wallet pleasingly plump.

Estimate the monthly cost of commuting by car:

Commute days driven per month:
Parking cost per day:
Miles driven each way:
Average vehicle cost per mile:
Monthly cost to drive:

Estimated the payback of commuting by bike:

Commute days biked per month:
Cost of Bicycle:
Cost of accessories and special clothing:
Calculate Payback
Total cost:
Payback in months:

Social Benefits include:

  • Less traffic congestion
  • Less air pollution
  • Healthier citizens
  • Less pavement

Employer Benefits:

  • Healthier employees means lower health insurance costs
  • Reduced need for parking spots