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Bionx Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

The Bicycle Cellar is the Phoenix Metropolitan area’s premier Bionx Electric Bicycle Kit dealer. We are fully authorized to provide sales, support, warranty and service on all Bionx kits. We have Bionx’ proprietary Bionx Bike Interface (BBI) software tool kit which allows us to upgrade and diagnose issues. We can also change factory settings. The BBI also allows Bionx to connect with your bicycle remotely via our computer and internet connection and perform advanced diagnostics right from our shop!

Make no mistake, Bionx kits are one of the most advanced electric bicycle kits on the market. They carry at two year system wide warranty including the battery. Most electric conversion kits only warranty the motor for a period of one year.

Bionx systems feature:

  • Integrated electronics – no external controller means a much cleaner install with less wiring
  • Firmware upgradeable – all three components (motor, battery and console) feature on board software that Bionx continuously updates to improve efficiency, fix bugs, etc
  • Torque sensor – senses how hard you pedal and applies seamless assist accordingly
  • Regenerative braking  (engine braking) – incrementally charges the battery when braking or descending hills
  • Five modes of operation – assist level 1 (minimum) through 4 (maximum) as well as throttle control
  • Locking battery – available in both frame and rack form factors, the battery locks onto the bike with a key for security

Stop by The Bicycle Cellar at any time and we’ll be happy to let you test ride our demo bicycle and explain all the features and benefits of a Bionx Electric Bicycle system. If you’d like to learn more about Bionx, please visit their website at Alternatively you can download the Bionx Catalog or Bionx Manual.