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ACA Tourers

Are you passing through Phoenix/Tempe on an Adventure Cycling Association route? Let us help if you’re in a jam! We’ve helped various tour groups and individuals over the years. We’ve even helped an individual avoid a delay and continue with his group when his Bruce Gordon touring bicycle was stolen while in town! He showed up near closing time and in the span of a couple hours we were able to get a suitable bicycle all set up with racks and other touring accessories so he could continue on his way. We stock the legendary Schwalbe tires and many other touring essentials!

If you’re an ACA tourer and you’re ever in a jam, get in touch with us, even if it’s after hours! We’ll do our best to help you. Please call us and listen to the voicemail greeting for a method to get in touch with us after hours. Please also send an email to

One urgent warning, DO NOT USE A CABLE LOCK in the Phoenix metro area. We understand the weight savings, however bike theft is high and a cable lock is EXTREMELY INSECURE. The aforementioned gentleman on the Bruce Gordon locked his bike at the Tempe Library with a cable lock and it was stolen within an hour. If you MUST use a cable lock, do so only for a few minutes and NEVER leave any of your pannier bags or other valuable items with the bike. If possible, designate a group member to watch the group’s bicycles. If necessary, please stop by our shop and borrow a u-lock while you’re in town!

Thank you to past ACA tourers for their patronage and the occasional lovely thank you notes you’ve mailed to us!