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Bike Racks


The Bicycle Cellar is a unique facility for all bike lovers in the Valley. Ride in to get top-notch service, gear up from the store, rent some wheels, or stow your ride and stay fresh for the workday. The Bicycle Cellar is also a state-of-the-art membership facility and public bike shop where commuting, sport, and pleasure riders can secure their bikes, change clothes, perform repairs, and get going. Members have keycard access 20 hours a day, 7 days a week to use showers, lockers, and towels. Membership also includes access to a basic self-service bike repair area for after-hours maintenance. 24-hour video surveillance and on-site security staff keep the peace.



The Bicycle Cellar exists to assist and encourage individuals who commute by bike or have the desire to do so. Bike commuting can change many things about ones life. From the health benefits to the environmental contribution, bike commuting will change the outlook of the commuter on many levels… Bike theft across the nation has skyrocketed and the Bicycle Cellar would like to be a part of the solution by providing secure bike parking to those that use their bike to commute to school or work.

Bicycle Cellar Map


Located at 200 East 5th Street (Suite #105) in downtown Tempe at the Veterans Way/College Ave light rail stop. You can’t miss the beautiful Tempe Transportation Center building – it’s quite striking. The state-of-the-art engineering of the Tempe Transportation Center is the perfect venue for The Bicycle Cellar, as it mirrors the progressive civic plan for sustainable public transportation and energy-efficient construction methods. The building turns energy from the sun into usable heat for water, has automatic sun shades to defeat wind forces, and a rooftop garden to utilize all surfaces.

The Team


We are enthusiasts, proponents, experts, idealists, and diehards when it comes to bicycles. We’re also friendly and honest folks who think bikes are not only a wonderful public activity, but an essential public good. Meet us!